Synthetic Oil

Synthetic coolants are metalworking fluid concentrates that contain no mineral oil. When mixed with water, they form a clear fluid. Synthetics have excellent cooling properties and run very clean providing long life in the sump.

Product NameMS0-304SMSO-800MSO-880
Diluted AppearanceTranslucent GreenTranslucent GreenTranslucent Green
Specific Gravity1.141.071.03
Flash Point (COC)---
Kinematic Viscosity
(cst at 40 deg. C)
pH (1:30)
Surface Tension47 dyne/cm240 dyne/cm242 dyne/cm2
Dilution Ratio for Cutting-1:10 to 1:201:10 to 1:20
Dilution Ratio for Grinding1:50 to 1:1001:30 to 1:501:30 to 1:50
Anti-Rust Power-72 hours Passed72 hours Passed
*Copper Corrosion (1:30)Passed--
Friction Coefficient (1:30)
*Fatty Acid (W %)-5%-
*Anionic Surfactant>20%>20%>20%
* Chlorine (W %)---
*Fatty Acid Ester (W %)-9-20%9-20%
*Non-ionic Surfactant---
*Corrosion Inhibitors3-9%3-9%3-9%
*Anti-Foam Agent-<1%<1%
Application-General Grinding for all the material.
-Long Coolant Life.
-Very good anti-rust performance
- Economical cost
-Free from silicon.-Free chlorine and sulphurEP additives.-Excellent lubricity without EP additives.-Excellent cleaning performance.-Possible to do tapping and reaming.
-Excellent demulsibility.So the coolant is always clean and clear.
-Possible to recycle the coolant.
-Contain sulphur EP additives.
-Excellent performance for cutting and grinding.

Item marked* is obtained by calculation and given as reference only.