Semi Synthetic Coolant

Semi-synthetic coolants are metalworking fluid concentrates that contain a small amount of oil (usually less than 30%) as well as synthetic lubricants and other additives. When mixed with water, they form a translucent fluid. Semi-synthetics combine the physical lubricity of soluble oils with the chemical lubricity, cooling and cleanliness of synthetic coolants.

Product NameMSS 550MSS 580
AppearanceGreenLight Brown
Diluted AppearanceTranslucent GreenTranslucent White
Specific Gravity (15/15 deg.C)1.0941.07
Flash Point (COC)--
Kinematic Viscosity (cst at 40 deg. C)1350
pH (1:30)9.59.8
Surface Tension36 dyne/cm236 dyne/cm2
Dilution Ratio for Cutting 1:15 to 1:301:15 to 1:30
Dilution Ratio for Grinding1:50 to 1:701:50 to 1:70
*Copper Corrosion (1:30)PassedPassed
Load carry capacity (1:30)18kg/cm213kg/cm2
*Fatty Acid (W %)3-9%3-9%
*Anionic Surfactant>20%>20%
*Chlorine (W%)<1%1-3%
*Non-ionic Surfactant3-9%1-3%
*Corrosion Inhibitors3-9%3-9%
Application-Longer tool life and stable tolerance
-For stainless steel and other hard to cut materials.
-Sawing, turning, milling, drilling, threading.
-For critical dimension control.
-Longer coolant life.
-Cutting for stainless steel and other hard to cut materials.
-Grinding for aluminium and stainless steel.
-For critical dimension control.

Item marked* is obtained by calculation and given as reference only.