Emulsion Coolant (Soluble Oil)

A type of coolant which is oil in water designed specifically for metal working processes for machining. This is kinds of cutting fluids.

Product NameMSE-40MSE-75MSE-80
AppearanceDark Brown TransparentDark Brown TransparentDark Brown Transparent
Diluted AppearanceWhite MilkyWhite MilkyWhite Milky
Specific Gravity0.8590.870.881
Flash Point (COC)220220180
Kinematic Viscosity
(cst at 40 deg. C)
pH (1:30)
Surface Tension35 dyne/cm235 dyne/cm234 dyne/cm2
Dilution Ratio for Cutting1:15 to 1:301:15 to 1:301:15 to 1:30
Anti-Rust PowerGoodGoodExcellent
*Copper Corrosion (1:30)1a1a1a
Load carry capacity (1:30)12kg/cm212kg/cm212kg/cm2
*Fatty Acid (W %)---
*Chlorine (W%)---
*Sulphur (W%)---
Hydrocarbon (W%)RestRestRest
Application-For general machining process
-Excellent low foaming
-Good emulsion stability
-Economical cost
-For general machining process
-Excellent low foaming-Good emulsion stability
-Economical cost
-For general machining process
-Good emulsion stability
-For a better surface finishing

Item marked* is obtained by calculation and given as reference only.