Slideway Oil

Used for the lubrication of both horizontal and vertical slideways, tables and all machining centre applications where smooth, stick-slip free performance is required or where a tacky adhesive lubricant is needed. These lubricants can be used for the lubrication of headstocks, cross feeds, saddles and gearboxes

Product NameSlidelube-32Slidelube-46Slidelube-68Slidelube-100Slidelube-220
AppearanceLight Yellow TransparentYellow TransparentAmber TransparentAmber TransparentAmber Transparent
Specific Gravity
(15/15 deg. C)
*Flash Point
*Kinematic Viscosity
(cst at 40 deg. C)
*Copper Corrosion
(100 deg. C* 3 hours)
*Slide Way Additive-1-3%---
*Chlorine (W %)-----
*Sulphur (W %)-<1%-<1%-
*Special Additives (W %)1-3%<1%1-3%<1%1-3%
Hydrocarbon (W %)RestRestRestRestRest
ApplicationSlide way oil 32Slide way oil 46Slide way oil 68Slide way oil 100Slide way oil 220

Item marked * is obtained by calculation.