Compressor Oil

These high quality, petroleum-based, anti-wear fortified air compressor oils are especially formulated to reduce carbon and varnish buildup. Formulated with fluid zinc or non fluid zinc to effectively fight friction and wear, thus reducing heat and foaming.

Product NameCP-32CP-46CP-68CP-100CP-150CP-220
AppearanceLight Yellow TransparentLight Yellow TransparentLight Yellow TransparentYellow TransparentYellow TransparentAmber
Specific Gravity
(15/15 deg. C)
*Flash Point
*Kinematic Viscosity
(cst at 40 deg. C)
*Copper Corrosion
(100 deg. C* 3 hours)
*Fatty Acid Ester (W %)------
*Chlorine (W %)------
*Sulphur (W %)------
*Special Additives (W %)1-3%1-3%1-3%1-3%1-3%1-3%
Hydrocarbon (W %)RestRestRestRestRestRest
ApplicationCompressor oil 32Compressor oil 46Compressor oil 68Compressor oil 100Compressor oil 150Compressor oil 220

Item marked * is obtained by calculation.