Petroleum Solvent Type Anti Rust Oil

Petroleum Solvent with anti rust additive to prevent short & medium term.

Product NameARX-02 (LD)ARX-03 (LD)ARX-10 (LD)ARX-98 (MD)ARX-70 (HD)ARX-170H (HD)
AppearanceLight Yellow TransparentDark Brown TransparentBrown TransparentDark Brown TransparentLight Yellow TransparentAmber Transparent
Specific Gravity
(15/15 deg. C)
*Flash Point
*Kinematic Viscosity
(cst at 40 deg. C)
*Anti-Rust Additive1-3%3-9%3-9%9-20%1-3%3-9% ((Ba sulfonate type anti-rust additive)
*Special Additive (W %)-----< 1.0 % (Anti Oxidation Additive)
Hydrocarbon (W %)RestRestRestRestRestRest
ApplicationAnti-Rust Oil and fast dry light duty stamping oilAnti-Rust OilAnti-Rust OilLow viscosity Anti Rust OilGood rust preventive property for Copper Alloy with water replacement property.
Effective for 1 to 2 weeks under roof.
Anti Rust Oil for general purpose with water repellent. 3 to 6 months under roof.

Item marked * is obtained by calculation. Item (LD), (MD) & (HD), are refer to Light duty, Medium duty & Heavy duty.